Learn How You Can Save Thousands With a Florida New Home Rebate

For those that have not heard about rebates, or those that don’t understand them fully, little do they know that people in the Florida area are saving thousands of dollars off of buying new homes. Although this may sound too good to be true, once you understand the mechanisms of how it works it becomes clearer and easier to understand – it all comes down to economics.

For years real estate agents have earned commissions for selling homes in new developments. These commissions went straight into the pocket of real estate agents – and therefore no buyers were getting any cash back. However, thanks to the innovation of one company in particular it is now possible that you can get a nice, healthy chunk of that commission when you buy a new home. This means that when the real estate agency gets paid their commission for helping you buy your new condo or house, they will give a large percentage of their commission back to you – the buyer!

If you are looking into a Florida New Home Rebate in the Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Panama City or Palm Beach area then you may just be able to take advantage of the great options that are available. However, you have to first understand that not all types of property in these areas apply. They have to be new builds. If you would prefer to buy a home that has already been lived in (resale property on the MLS) then you may be able to negotiate some cash back too. However, this program it’s ideal for preconstruction property, condominiums, New Condo apartments and anything else – so long as it’s new!

New Condo communities and Preconstruction property are often among the most popular categories of Real Estate that people wish to invest in. However, people often worry that their real estate agent will not have the same goals as them when choosing which real estate to recommend and how much they should pay. With new property, which is a qualification of a rebate, these issues are taken out of the equation. The reason for this is that all developers in the Florida area offer a similar rate of commission. These new homes go on to the market at fixed prices and rarely alter in price. You can be confident that a real estate agents professionalism, coupled with their objectives, will mean your interests remain at the heart of their focus.

Whether you are looking for a condominium, or any type of property in the Florida area, you can be sure that you will get the best deal if you manage to get your hands on a rebate. Although most real estate agencies are not willing to compete in this way, claiming it will be the demise of the industry or they simply cannot afford to give back to their clients. Other Realtors are happy to pass savings onto their customers in return for repeat business and building a reputable name. When contacting companies make sure you first check what their rebate is. This will be provided in percentage form and typically should be in writing on paper signed for you to have on hand. Next, allow your Realtor to close the sale and you will make thousands that would have otherwise went into the deep pockets of the developer!

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