Seeking a Career in Electronics

People who like tinkering with malfunctioning electronic gadgets or have a knack for fixing broken televisions can become great employees within the electronics career field. Today, there are plenty of job opportunities and career choices within the electronics industry that allow individuals to explore technical aspects, creativity, and sales. With appropriate education and experience, one can make a decent living in the electronics field by pursuing a variety of exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Common Electronics Careers and Jobs

Electronics engineers are responsible for an array of technologies that span portable music players to global positioning systems (GPS). Many electronics engineers also work closely with computers and other electronic equipment. A variety of skills are associated with this type of job position, which deals with communications, control systems, and signal processing. Usually, a specialty is attached to the title of electronics engineer. An example of this is seen in the aviation electronics engineer that works for the military. There are also analysts in this field, such as the Airborne Electronics Analyst in charge of controlling airborne electronic systems that identify ships and submarines. They also help with vital search and rescue operations.

As a Level I Electronics Assembler, one puts together electronics to match product specifications. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for this type of job, where 0 to 3 years of experience in the field is a plus. An Electronics Assembler should possess knowledge on commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures pertaining to their assigned product, as well as possess the ability to follow instructions and pre-set guidelines. Immediate supervision generally watches over worker progress. Usually, reports are made to supervisors or managers. The average salary for an Electronics Assembler is between $22,493 and $29,738.

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