Farm Safety – Employing Young People

Whilst strict regulations had been brought in to stop the exploitation of children and young people in the workplace, farming has a fairly unique environment that does allow for them to do a different number of jobs, both on the land itself, and in certain conditions using tractors and other farm machinery.

Many farmers do not like description of farming as a lifestyle, but in truth in many ways it is. A farm will normally be operated by family, and young family members will often be actively involved in the work itself.

In addition, young people may often be employed for seasonal work such as picking fruit or vegetables, in what would normally be thought of as a holiday job. This is absolutely fine, as long as certain conditions and legal obligations are followed.

Most countries were quite strict labour laws regarding children, and many of these laws will carry an exemption for workers in the agricultural and farming industries. It is important that any farm owner to know the legal position both for their own families, and any other young people that they may employ on the farm.


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