A Short Look At Learning Chinese Online

In recent years a lot of people are trying to learn the Chinese language. Why not? China is one of the most influential Asian countries in the world, and it is now practical to learn Chinese. China is also one of the top economic producers in the global market. The Chinese language has influenced a lot of Asian countries including Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

The languages of these countries contain many Chinese characters, and the structure of these languages is almost similar. The language had also been influential in the Philippines where a major percentage of the population is of Chinese ancestry mainly because of the major trade with China.

Chinese in general consists of varying regional dialects. These dialects include Mandarin, Cantonese, Xiang, Hakka, Gan, and Min. There are also other dialects which are not classified by linguists. Thus, the People’s Republic of China uses Mandarin as the standard language. This also holds true with Taiwan. Chinese was originally spoken by the Han people. Mandarin is also known as Hanyu in Chinese.

To learn Chinese online, one must understand and master the Chinese pronunciation. It is critical and a lot of time should be devoted in studying it. Chinese characters are Romanized which means that it can be written with Latin alphabets. Hanyu Pinyin or simply Pinyin is what they call this process of Romanization. Sound clips are offered online containing many combinations of Mandarin pinyin. One must also practice conversing in Chinese. Practice makes perfect. There are basically for tones in Chinese. These tones must be spoken with precise pronunciation because if it is pronounced wrong, another word might be formed and confusion will occur. That is why it is important to put effort in studying these pronunciations.

Common Chinese phrases are introduced so that the student can practice talking using everyday Chinese conversations. Reading Chinese articles is another good way to learn Chinese online. It enhances the student’s perception and analysis of Chinese words.

In trying to learn Chinese online, one must also study the art of Chinese writing. The language has its own unique writing system. Little Chinese children are trained to perfect the style of writing since it is also considered as a form of art. Chinese words are often made up of different ideas. These ideas have corresponding syllables which can then be added to other ideas to form another word. Words are formed by linking these ideas. The speaker and the receiver analyze these combinations to understand the whole idea. For example, the Chinese word for computer consists of the words, “electric” and “brain.”

Grammar is also critical if you want to learn Chinese online. The basic units of the language are the morpheme, which is a syllable that contains an idea, the word, the compound, and the sentence. Online subjects offer knowledge of the grammar and many drills and exercises which will improve your Chinese. With these many useful information which can be taken from the internet, one who wants to learn Chinese online will find it easier than usual.

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