Biodegradation: Solving the Plastic Problem

The lowering of the cost for the production of Plastic bags or plastic products has greatly contributed to mass production of plastic paper bags. This has for many years been a challenge as a waste after such products have been used and disposed into the environment. It was not difficult to see plastic products everywhere since the material used in the production of such containers or bags could not decompose through the natural process. It is worthy noting that non organic products do not allow microorganism to work through the material for the purpose of degradation. Such microorganisms are expected to break the products into particles or components that can dissolve into the environment. Most of bio products are made from plastic material which is un-harmful to the environment and are renewable. This means that the product can be recycled for other uses or it can be dissolved into the environment without any harm to the environment.

The most common plastics across the world are the kind made from Polyethylene material. This however is not the only type of plastic available. Polyethylene materials are known to produce products such as plastic grocery bags and a particular kind of drinking bottles. Other materials such as vegetable oils and vegetable starches are used in the production of plastic products as well. You will still discover that more plastic bags are made from wood pulp. Such plastic products are considered organic in the sense that they dissolve into the nature naturally and are not harmful to the same. Amazingly, it was impossible to find plastic papers in the shops or being used as bags for carrying food stuffs from the stores. Papers were the common bags used for this purpose. Most plastic products are made from petroleum refined products and cannot be decomposed neither are they helpful to the nature.

There was no proper disposing of plastic products especially those made from petroleum based materials. With time, this problem or rather challenge has been solved by the discovery of the biodegradation products. The material used to manufacture such plastic products can be broken down by enzymes hence returning it into the nature. The main purpose for creating a biodegradation plastic is to face off the polyethylene kind of plastics from the environment.

The danger of having to much plastic products in the environment is the possibility of some diseases such as cancer not to mention the danger of unclean environment such plastics bring about. This is especially the case in the sea where plastic wastes are carried down the stream finding their destination into the sea.

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