Star Wars Have a New Range of Collectible Toys – The Mighty Beanz

As the year end approaches, and the busiest time of the year looms in consumers’ minds. Shopping for Christmas presents can be an arduous task at the best of times, and choosing toys for your kids can be even harder. If there is one sure fire bet when it comes to Christmas toys this year then it must surely be the Mighty Beanz Star Wars. Produced by Moose Enterprises, an Australian based company, and licensed to Spin Master in North America, these are the latest in the line of hugely popular Star Wars merchandise.

The company has had great success in the past in creating multiple ranges of Beanz based on a number of toy series, such as the Ninja Turtles and Pokémon, to name just two. One of the main things about these toys is that they appeal not just to kids but also to adults as well since they are so collectible. There is a vibrant auction scene on places like eBay for individual beans that are hard to track down and the rare ones can demand high prices.

Expect nothing different from the Star Wars range of beanz – these items come in packs of 4 in stores and each package contains 4 different beans all based on characters in the Star Wars universe. There is a bit of a thrill in opening a packet because you never quite know what you will get when you open them. When the range was first launched in August, there were only 75 beanz to collect – this number has now risen to over 90 and there are more to come.

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