Office Fitness and the Mighty Micro-Pause

The mighty micro-pause is a simple way to improve office fitness. Maybe you have heard of the term “micro-pause”, maybe you haven’t, either way it doesn’t matter. What does matter is taking them.

What it means is taking a short break while you are doing work. Sitting at a computer for more than two hours without getting up and moving will make you feel tight, grumpy, and you’re also likely to reduce productivity. Human bodies are constantly adapting, and if you sit in one position for a long time, muscles, joints, and nerves adapt to this position, creating imbalances in the body and can lead to short term and long term problems. Think of a 80-year-old you see getting up from a park bench. They may look like they are still hunched over. This is happening to all of us who sit a lot. The good news is these unwanted adaptations can be reversed by a few simple office-based exercises.

If working at a computer for more than two hours I strongly recommend you take one of these short breaks. These simple tips will help to maintain office fitness. It might be just five minutes, at least every two hours, where I advise you:


  • get up out of the chair and move


This will help to improve circulation, joint mobility and lubrication, assist with lossening tight muscles, and help to give your brain a rest from concentrating on the computer screen for hours.

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