Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball Problem

I have been an Apple Mac user for 17 years and cleaning my pointing device is something that I became very familiar with. Until the event of the Infrared pointing device, which meant there was no longer the need to clean out the dirt and grease from the rollers.

The Apple Mighty Mouse came on the scene and was a sight to behold adding all kinds of functionality – for you to turn off. Every time you squeeze it or break wind in it’s general direction expose or some other in-built function began to launch. Great for the multimedia geek but not so good for a colour retoucher like myself who just spent 30 mins cutting a mask only to loose it.

I genuinely liked was the scroll ball it really helped me when zipping around an Illustrator file or large image. This is of course until that unforeseen day when it stopped working. At first I could just couldn’t go back, then I couldn’t go forwards etc. This is the typical Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball Problem. Easy to Fix? Well, No.

The Mighty mouse scroll ball problem arises when you eat fried chicken whilst using your mouse. The grease builds up on the tracking wheels just like a traditional trackball then the ball just slides over the greasy wheels.

It is a sealed unit and requires an amount of skill to open the little sucker and although this is not something I am short of, I just couldn’t be bothered. There are plenty of tutorials out there but I decided to think laterally about the problem and developed a non invasive scroll ball repair (Be Aware it may not work for all).

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