Creating an Uber Contemporary Media Room

An uber contemporary media room contains an eclectic mix of old and new items, including many classic choices but more often than not many modern furniture and design selections. This may include wood flooring, unique furniture, modern technology, and contemporary artwork. Understanding how to effectively mix old with new is the solution to creating an uber contemporary media room in your own home.

Although you should never let someone tell you your own design preferences, it is a great idea to look at designs and styles featured on home d├ęcor televisions shows, websites, and magazines. This helps you develop your own sense of style so that when you are ready to create something that is “you,” it will really be your own instead of someone else’s opinion of you. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your own uber contemporary media room:

Blend Design Styles

Uber contemporary does not necessarily mean all ultra-new pieces or ideas crammed into your media room, but rather the latest trends, colors, and styles meshed with traditional ones to create something modern but classic. You do not have to rush out for the latest glove-shaped couch for an uber contemporary media room, nor do you have to choose geometric shapes or modern artwork to dress up the space. Instead, your idea of uber contemporary may be to mix modern artwork with old-school flooring, or antique furniture with contemporary storage.

Blending design styles is all about taking what you like from each style and claiming it for one room. You may prefer contemporary flooring but antique furniture, animal print rugs but classic neutrals for artwork, even bright colored walls with gauzy, classic curtains. Mixing the two styles will help you create a media room that is inviting for you and your family, and the contemporary mix-and-match style is one of the hottest fashion trends today.

Ignore The Rules

Some designers feel like there is an unwritten rule regarding style: namely that one style should be one style, and never a hodge-podge of styles pooled together to create one particular room. Most do not bat an eye at using several styles throughout the house, but will balk when asked to create an uber contemporary room that features classic or traditional pieces. While there are a few who have learned the merits of contemporary versus true eclectic, most are more classic in nature and will want to stick to one design style.

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