When The Moon Turns Blood Red

You may not realize that the Moon can turn a blood red color. At least that’s what I thought until the Moon turned blood red on 28th September 2015. Find out more about my experience of the red moon and learn more about why it happens!

With all the talk of Mars recently, if you was in areas where the celestial event of the Moon was happening, you would have thought that you was looking at Mars and not our Moon on the 28th of September 2015!


  • What happened?


The Moon was a Super Moon, and on top of that it was a Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon. Being a Super Moon made the Moon closer to us, and so made for seeing a spectacular celestial event in all its glory.


  • What is a Total Lunar Eclipse?


Like how we see a Solar eclipse and the Sun gradually fades away and if you have a total Solar eclipse, then the skies turn to night for a short period of time. With the Lunar eclipse, the same thing happens but with the Moon.

The Total Lunar Eclipse essentially made the Moon to turn a blood red colour after it started to go through the eclipse.

It is a very odd sight to see and the Moon shifting to a blood red color. Immediately I felt like I wanted our original Moon back in all its pure white color that we are all accustomed to!


  • Why Does The Moon Turn Blood Red?


The red Moon happens due to a process called Rayleigh Scattering and is the same process that makes our skies to be blue in color!

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