Types and Features of Some Corner Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are a place where someone gets in order to bathe. A shower enclosure may therefore include a tray, door or a shower tray and door that have inline or side panels. They are of various types, and include enclosures made of glass, enclosures without a frame and corner shower enclosures.

Corner shower enclosures are available that you can build at certain corners in the bathroom to save space. It happens that the corner shower enclosures tell which type of corner to place them best. The following information talks about the features of certain types of corner enclosures. The first type is the ASB Round Corner Bathroom Enclosure. This corner shower enclosure measures thirty-four inches by seventy-eight inches and is made of the latest shiny white colored material. It comes with a place to rest your feet and offers three shelves for storing important products. Its material is strong and durable and one is able to drain out unwanted water and cover the enclosure with a drain cover when not using it. The price of this enclosure is affordable and it is a good choice for those who require putting an enclosure in a small space. The other corner enclosure available is the Neo-angle Corner Shower Rod Set enclosure with Ceiling Brace. This corner enclosure has a forty-five degree neo angle and it has a width of thirty-six inches, a length of seventy-two inches and a height of thirty-six inches. It also includes a thirty-six inch ceiling that you can adjust and weighs eight pounds. Its outer surface is made of chrome. It is appropriate if you have a Jacuzzi or a corner bathtub. The other feature of this shower enclosure are weighty die cast wall brackets that one can use to place things on and in this way maintain its balance. It is possible to adjust the enclosure into many directions as the space allows and the material used to make it is high class and strong.

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