Five Steps to Achieve Success: How to Be SWIFT and Accomplish Your Goals

Sometimes we have a great idea, but never follow our plan. This can be destructive and cause us to not reap the benefits of our hard work. It is important to move forward and to stop overanalyzing ideas in order to create more success in life.

Have you ever had an idea for a business or an idea for a book? You wrote down your idea; you investigated the idea, and yet, somehow you never put your plan in action.

We can never research an idea until it is foolproof; but at some point, we have to follow our instincts, and go with it.

Putting your plan in action is key to becoming successful in all areas of life. Without action, there is no success. We cannot allow fear to keep us from putting our plan into action.

Don’t wait too long. While you are still dreaming about your idea, someone else can put the plan in action. Once I had an idea for a book. discussed it with several friends, and started writing it. Several months later, I was searching on the web and discovered that someone else had written a book on the same subject I was thinking about publishing.

Simply put, I was too slow; it took me too long to put the plan into action. While I spent too much time researching, the other person was already publishing.

Has anything similar ever happened to you?

At some point, after we have researched our ideas we must move swiftly to the next level. Otherwise, we can overanalyze to the point of paralyzing our thoughts and we will never achieve success.

This year, resolve to be SWIFT and watch your dreams become realities.

To be successful, put your plan into action by applying these five success principles to be SWIFT and accomplish your goals:

1. S- Set your goal, and See yourself accomplishing your goal. Make sure your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Give yourself a deadline for when you will accomplish the goal.

Visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal is of utmost importance. Think like an athlete. The greatest athletes in the world use visualization techniques to accomplish extraordinary feats. They constantly visualize exactly what they need to do to make sure they get that winning touchdown, field goal, or home run. Make it a habit to take the time every morning to visualize that you have accomplished your goal.

2. W- Write down your ideas, and work your action plan. Commit to work on your plan consistently. Make it a habit to review and sharpen your ideas on a routine basis.

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