South Indian Tamil Brahmin Cooking

South Indian tamil Brahmin cooking is purely vegetarian. A typical meal consists of more than a couple of vegetables and various Indian spices. Spices play an important role in the cooking — and it has been like this for many hundreds of years. Recent scientific studies have revealed the important role these spices play in maintaining good health example Fenugreek as digestive aid, turmeric for its healing properties etc.

A typical Brahmin cooking will not include any onions and minimum or no garlic. In recent years though these two are being used for most of the brahmin recipes. There is a huge range of recipes — brahmins have mastered the art of vegetarian cooking.

Brahmin Sambar
Plantain podimas
Beans Paruppu Uslil
Upma Kozhakatta
Puli Ponga
Kootu Varities
Brahmin rasam
Poriyal varieties

Some of the popular tamil brahmin sweets are:


One quick note — these dishes are not exclusively for brahmins alone but are mentioned in here because they are cooked quite often by brahmins.

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