Tips For Preparing For Your Piano Exam

Regardless of whether you are another piano player or a full-time proficient, tests can be a demanding and frequently overwhelming errand. Every test has its different difficulties. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you get ready for your tests effectively, it could mean the distinction among passing and coming up short.

For this model, let us imagine that we are sitting for a Grade Six piano test. Let the record mean that I have sat and breezed through a Grade Six test. Albeit in fact I didn’t pass it well – this was brought about by an extreme absence of planning paving the way to the test. I didn’t invest the time or energy into my groundwork for this music test. I can guarantee you from direct experience that you need over 15 minutes practice three to four times each week to viably get ready for a Grade Six piano test!

A quarter of a year BEFORE THE EXAM

As of now you ought to do roughly one hour of training a day, five days every week. In your chose pieces you ought to have the option to at any rate squeeze the entirety of the correct notes. This is an ideal opportunity to begin building up your pieces from a progression of notes to a piano show-stopper. Focus on things like articulation, elements and beat. Put a few sentiments and feeling into your pieces.

You ought to likewise lavishly concentrate the entirety of your hypothesis and scales. Time and again scales and hypothesis are ignored right now and are just amended about a fortnight before the test. This is an awful error! Recollect the more you concentrate now, the more you will hold this data, hence having a superior possibility of reviewing the necessary information during your test.


The time has come to up the counter a touch. You ought to burn through one and a half to two hours rehearsing a day, six days per week. This is an ideal opportunity to streamline the entirety of the minor imperfections in your bits of music. Practice things like getting that precarious trio sounding familiar and ensuring you hit the F sharp with your fourth finger as opposed to the fifth. These issues may appear to be minor, yet it will help you enormously with your test.

Practice without the sheet music before you and perceive how well you go. During your test in the event that you depend too intensely on your score, I can promise you will stuff up. Gain proficiency with your music off by heart.

Additionally, ensure that your test turns into your main need. Try not to be occupied by different issues in your day to day existence. Try not to get occupied by relationship, monetary or different issues that may redirect your consideration from your test. You will get worried and worn, and you won’t perform at your latent capacity.


Right now is an ideal opportunity to simply rehearse, practice, practice! I would prescribe doing between a few hours out of every day at this point. You ought to have the entirety of the information needed for the test. It is only a question of reexamining it for your test.

While we are working and concentrating hard, we need to stay loose. Put it into point of view; it is just a test. There is no compelling reason to stress over it every minute of every day.


A great many people on the night prior to a test practice for 5-6 hours, concentrating until some indecent hour toward the beginning of the day. This is a major no-no! At greatest you should just play through your pieces once. What I like to do is imagine I am really sitting for the test. So I would do my scales first, at that point my pieces all together, and afterward do some sight perusing.

Try not to attempt to do any very late correction for your test. Odds are that you will just squeeze yourself and all the more significantly you will just have a little opportunity to recall it for your test. Try not to get diverted by different things in your day to day existence. Your piano test is tomorrow – all the other things can stand by one more day.

Unwind! It is basic that you get a decent night’s rest. I would prescribe that you get 8 to 10 hours strong rest on the off chance that you can bear the cost of the extravagance.


Try not to accomplish any work, if it is piano related. Accomplish something fun that doesn’t need a great deal of mental aptitude. Watch a film. Kick a soccer ball. Do whatever that suits you.

Attempt to have a solid breakfast. Be that as it may, in the event that you experience the ill effects of butterflies in the stomach, which I experience the ill effects of gigantically, don’t attempt to drive anything down. It will just returns straight up! (Trust me!)

I will say it once more, RELAX! Make an effort not to consider your test. Try not to attempt to consider your hypothesis, scales, pieces, fingering and so on and so forth Try not to consider what you have and haven’t accomplished for your test. This is simply going to get all of you fatigued and this will truly prevent your test.


At this point you ought to be at the scene where your test is being held. Do some super light amendment. Glance through your music sheets and envision yourself playing it as you read the notes. Play some ‘air-piano.’ Test yourself with several hypothesis questions.

Don’t under any conditions converse with others about the test. Try not to ask each other hypothesis inquiries. Try not to talk about your pieces. Try not to discuss past tests or inspectors. This is simply an undesirable obstacle. Take a couple of full breaths, unwind and center around your test.


Close the books for a second. Take three full breaths and core interest. Contemplate internally that this is much the same as some other piano practice meeting. Go into the test with positive considerations. Regardless of whether you have set yourself up for the test as I have talked about above or not, it doesn’t make a difference now. Everything you can do now is focus on the forthcoming errand of your test.

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