The Importance of Baby Heartbeat Monitor in Avoiding Fetal Death

Fetal death refers to the loss of the fetus at any stage of pregnancy. In the United States, there is no one particular definition for still birth. For statistical purposes, a fetal death is termed according to the gestational age. A fetal death before 20 weeks’ gestation is called a spontaneous abortion whereas a death after 20 weeks’ gestation is termed as stillbirth or fetal death.

Causes of death

In most of the cases, the reason behind such a death is unknown. In cases, where the cause has been detected, it is seen that the reason is either because of maternal, fetal or placental pathology. Fetal problems leading to fetal death include multiple gestations, genetic abnormality and others. On the other hand, hypertension, Rh diseases, any kind of infection may lead to fetal death too. Fetomaternal hemorrhage and premature rupture of membranes are some placental conditions that even lead tostill birth.

How are fetal deaths diagnosed?

The most common symptom of fetal death in most of the cases is the decrease in fetal movement. But this is not diagnostic and cannot prove death immediately. Still birth can be proved well by ultrasonographic examination. Stillbirth is only diagnosed by examining the absence of cardiac activity and fetal heart. This is where baby heart beat monitor play a big role.

Importance of a baby heart beat monitor in detecting stillbirth

The baby heart beat monitor is very popular among parents. This not only helps to hear the baby’s heart beat but also detect any kind of problem that can prove fatal.

• The baby heart beat monitor helps to detect any kind of problems by constantly monitoring the fetal heartbeat. Not lonely you get to hear the heartbeat of your baby but also know if there is any kind of abnormality in the baby’s condition. The baby heart beat monitor is thus of great need to protect the fetus from dying.
• If any kind of abnormality is detected, you can take immediate steps.
• It’s not only the baby who always benefits from the baby heartbeat monitor, the mother’s health is also protected. In case, if the baby’s condition goes bad, mother’s life is also at risk. So, using baby heartbeat monitor can keep family members alert about the health of the yet to be born and the mother as well.


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