Simple Steps to Follow and Close a Sale Effectivelly

Why would you want to complicate your life by using sophisticated sales closing techniques, instead of just being simple? Not everyone is the same in this world; there are people simplestartllc who were born to be good at sophisticated things, and others born to be good at simple things. Know where you fit and make things simple for yourself; come on… keep it short and simple.

Here are ways to formulate a simple close in sales

There is a difference between these two non-interrelated words; understanding and cramming. Why are you cramming your close formula, instead of simply understanding it? Simple as that… even though it says practice makes it perfect, but practice makes it worse when you cram and don’t understand.

Every stage of the sale cycle is very important and salesmen have to take each step seriously till the end. You have worked hard for you to pitch and have presented successfully, repeat the same in your close stage too.

Why do you have to assume the sale?

Assuming a sale is one stage I have found simple in the sales cycle, if your pitch and presentation were successful. Your gestures count very much, in such a way that your prospect has to get the message that you have qualified him. Start preparing paperwork and ask just one or two key questions “what’s your full name… how many… ?” Each step of the sales must be well thought-out, and here is how sales assumptions are premeditated: Assume each sales circumstance and customize personal assumptive formulas to use accordingly, and make your close simple.

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