Should I Become a Life Coach?

You may have been told that you are a people person. You may be the kind of person that people naturally turn to for advice. If so, there is a strong possibility that you may be asking yourself this question. Should I become a life coach?

This choice is more of a “calling” than a career. But, realistically, many people might wonder if they can afford to take on this profession. The salary of a life coach varies with experience and personal expertise. To help understand the range a life coach salary falls into it is important to examine the existing levels of opportunity.


There are 8-10 major life coach giants. Many people start with one of these established organizations for security. Here you will receive free training, have instant clients, and an immediate escolhasegura income. Coaches are trained using a carefully honed template unique to the company. This might be compared to a fast food chain rather than being a chef. Every aspect is precisely designed and formulas are followed without deviation. The overall effect of the brand is instilled in clients. You can learn a lot and perhaps pave the way to start your own practice while you collect a pay check. The established provider may not have many advancement opportunities and without promotions you may be locked into a particular earning framework for years.


You can perfect your personal approach and start up your own coaching service. If you have 10-20 years experience in the workforce there is a good chance of making 75 to 95,000 dollars per year. Your experience around the issues of marriage, divorce, children, health, finances, and spirituality may contribute to your effectiveness. You should allow a year and a half to two years to establish a consistent stream of income. You should also be prepared to invest 12-15 thousand to create your business. This may include marketing materials, website, training, certification, and other start up costs. You will have to generate your leads, offer some free sessions, and create a reputation that leads to referrals.

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